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Roasting Processes

Our Roasting Process has been perfected through over 30 years of experience, bringing you savory rich flavors and invigorating aromas for the best coffee experience. Coffee roasting is a complex process that involves the careful application of heat to green coffee in order to transform the life contained in each bean, sugars, proteins, and acids. We start with the highest quality green beans harvested from different regions from around the world. The process starts by roasting these beans with high levels of heat, then after a determined amount of time (according to flavor profile desired) the heat is reduced and the roasting process continued.

During this time the roaster is continually checking the beans for certain aspects which determine the stage or roast level the beans are in. Once this is done for the determined amount of time needed. The multiple stages are key to changing the characteristics of the beans and defining the flavors that it will produce. During this time the beans are mixed and turned over throughout the heat process in order to get a even roast and consistency throughout. After the roasting is finished the beans must cool down, This stage is just as critical as the heat process. The cooling of the beans is done quickly and with consistency and also helps with the flavor profile of the beans.

Once the beans have cooled they are then ready for grinding or packaging as whole bean coffee and sent to your door. Please understand I have simplified this process, there is much more involved here. This is a complex and scientific process, you might think of it as baking, anyone can bake a cake of some sort, but a true baker has a unique recipe that involves strictly proportioned and measured ingredients, this is the difference between a cake and a great cake, soft moist, melt in your mouth kind of cake. Our roasters have years of experience and knowledge, tested and refined recipes that bring you the most elegant and refined coffees. Just another reason to choose Wylie J's Coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Our decaffeinated coffee offer the greatest flavors because we choose the Swiss Water Process. Using a patented flavor protection process which removes the caffeine while maintaining the full flavor of each bean. Green beans are circulated in water fully saturated with coffee flavor which draws out the caffeine while preventing coffee flavor from leaving the bean. This is 100% chemical free producing the best tasting decaffeinated coffee - bar none.


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