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Wylie J's starts with the highest quality beans from the coffee  growing regions  around the world. We offer 100% single origin, free trade and organic farmed coffees. We also offer the finest exclusive signature blend coffee's. If your coffee pleasure is 100%  certified Jamaican Blue Mountain, single origin Hawaiian Kona X Fancy, Coffee from the High Mountainous regions, the Deep River Valleys  or our unique Wylie J's Exclusive Coffee Blends,  we have the right coffee for you.

We are a small individually owned company, who have placed a higher value on you, our customer, and a commitment to bring you the best coffee's from around the world. Our Roasting Process Is perfected through over 30 years of experience, ensuring savory rich flavors and invigorating aromas. 

Choosing Wylie J's Coffee elevates your coffee experience. Full of rich, robust flavor, our medium to dark roasted coffees fill the room with mouth watering Aroma's, activating all of your senses to join in for a truly delightful experience. A chance for your palate explore the different cultures of flavor offerings from the rich soils of the farm lands. Each growing region has its own uniquely defined taste, Taste which have been cultivated and developed throughout centuries, earning and supporting small farming eco systems throughout the world. It is these small communities who worked hard and diligently for centuries growing and harvesting the finest coffee beans for your enjoyment.

There is so much more to coffee than a warm drink and caffeine jolt. Wylie J's believes coffee is an experience shared with others, ones idea's, thoughts, dreams, or a story about your latest great adventure. Maybe its time of reflection or reinvention for oneself. But a moment, a calmness, a sense of clarity to start your day, or take on a new challenge in life. From the farmer who digs the ground, plants the seed and harvest the beans, to the roaster who takes such pride in perfecting his skill, ensuring the flavors presented shine true to the growers intent. Now it is your turn, a chance to savor  their efforts, to enjoy the pleasurable aroma's, the defined and unique flavors, the choice of your type of grind, will it be a French Press Or Pour Over this morning, Which cup do I choose ?  As the final moments come, your senses come to life, mouth watering, eyes awaken, now your fist sip, then a moment of reflection, Now its time, to share your story.   We believe there is A Story Told in Every Cup. Enjoy our refined coffee's, share them with others, experience life, tell your story.




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