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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

August 23, 2018

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In search of the perfect cup of coffee:

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is something I think all coffee drinkers strive for. Wylie J's Coffee offer you some of the highest quality coffee and coffee blends from around the globe. Making the perfect cup of coffee is what Wylie J's Coffee strives for, pleasant aromas, elegant rich flavors, and unique overtones. Thank you for your interest in Wylie J's Coffee and sharing us with all your friends and loved ones. There is a story told in every cup.

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee:

Im sure you have so many friends and colleagues who drink coffee on a daily basis. According to some polls, Americans drink over 280 million cups of coffee each day at home. 102 billion home brewed cups per year. However if we are trying for the perfect cup about 1/3 of us may be doing it wrong. Over 1/3 of Americans are now using single cup brewing systems which is a slight increase over past years according to the National Coffee Association. Even though single cup machines are on the rise, experts agree this is not the best method for getting the best cup of coffee.

What form of coffee works best:

Whole beans out rank pre ground coffee every time when it comes to the best brew. When I first started enjoying coffee I thought all coffees were close to the same, as my knowledge of the coffee world has increased I found nothing could be further from the truth. All coffee is not equal. That's why at Wylie J's Coffee we strive to bring you the highest quality coffees delivered fresh to your door.

So what makes the whole beans better? Once the whole beans have gone through the grinding process they begin to lose the natural oils that are contained within the bean itself. The oils help maintain the natural flavors, moisture and help in retaining the elegant aromas of the coffee. Once the beans are ground they become exposed to air, at this point the oils start to oxidize. Oxidation leads to the loss in flavors and aromas. Don't get me wrong, High quality ground coffee can still be very good but we are going for that perfect cup, full of palette please flavors and mouth watering aromas. This is why so many coffee drinkers choose to grind their own whole beans. All of our packages are integrated with a one way valve which helps ensure you receive the freshest of coffee. This one way valve is critical in the freshness process. It allows the natural internal gasses to escape from inside the bag but does not allow air to come in. Again important because more exposure to air means loss in flavor. Once the bag is opened and air exposes the beans will slowly lose their peak flavors. But not to worry you still have a few weeks for maximum flavor.

Once your coffee is opened there are a few ways to keep it fresh. I have heard tales of keeping your coffee fresh by placing it in a refrigerator or freezer. Stop! This is not the best way.By doing this  you will risk humidity, and even outside odors to permeate into your coffee. Theres a reason you have never has egg salad flavored coffee. Yuck! It is best to store your coffee in air tight containers in a dark dry cool environment. Not hard to find, a cupboard away from the stove, fridge or dishwasher works really well.

Grinding Process: 

Now we come to the grinding process. There are several types of grinders available. Manual, Automatic and Burr grinders. The Burr grinder is considered the best way to grind your Coffee Beans.These grinders offer a more even cut or grind to your coffee beans. The more consistent grind allows the bean to seep more evenly giving better saturation to the grinds which in return pull out all the flavors and aromas from the coffee. Burr style grinders are a little more expensive that manual or automatic grinders and may not fit every ones budget. I personally us a small automatic blade grinder similar to that of a blender and it seems to do the trick. A manual or hand grinder is the least consistent but will get you close to where you want to be and adds a little bit of old school to the process. The automatic grinders can be picked up inexpensively at most of your box stores. Once you have selected the type of grinder you will be using, the next question most people ask is, How much coffee do I use per cup of coffee?

How Much Coffee:

Ok so I believe that the perfect cup of coffee has a slight variance according to individual taste. So for our purposes here we are going by a standard Coffee to Water ratio. For every 6oz of water it is suggested that you use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. If your trying to make a full 8oz cup then I would suggest about 2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee. This can be varied according to your personal taste. For best results I would recommend using spring or filtered water. Tap water has chlorine and other minerals that could keep you from getting that perfect cup. Ok lets talk about water temperature.


Water boils at 212 degrees. Most coffee makers heat the water to slightly less than boiling. I find most standard coffee maker heat the water temperature to somewhere between 194 and 205 degrees. As this is an important part of the process because the heat from the water extrudes the flavors from the coffee grinds. Now if you are using a pour over system or a French press simply place your pot of water on the stove and use a thermometer and heat your water to the desired temperature. Once your water has reached the preferred range your ready for the next step.

Brewing the Perfect Cup:

Begin by placing your coffee into the filter and place the filtration system on top of the coffee pot.(description depicts a pour over system) Slowly pour your water over the grinds making sure to saturate all of the grounds. Let the hot water seep into the coffee and begin to smell the enticing aromas that come about. Do not pour all the water in at once, once you saturated the grinds let the water continue to bleed through the fresh grounds. Once this has taken place your ready to add the rest of the water. At this point I like to splash a drop or two into the grinds as to disrupt or stir them a little. This will further enhance the flavor process and make sure the grounds the grounds are fully saturated. How long does the coffee have to seep for? This will vary a little depending on the type of system you are using. A pour over or French press will vary a little from an automatic machine. 3 minutes seems to be pretty standard for extracting the flavors from the fresh ground coffee. If your using a courser type of grind then you may add a little more time to this if needed in order for the water to fully permeate and do the job. But I would think no more than 4 minutes total. Let your hot water pour through and saturate your grounds trying to be as consistent and even as possible. Now comes the best part.

Enjoying the Perfect Cup:

Take your time, Smell the aromas coming from the brewing process, inhale through your nose, getting all of your senses involved. When ready place the warm cup in your hands feeling the comfort and experience you are about to embark on. As you bring the cup to your lips begin to think about the wonderful aromas you have encountered. Now as you start to taste your perfect cup of coffee sip it slowly, allowing it to linger on your taste buds, swirling the warm comforting drink across your tongue, tasting the delightful and complex flavors. Now close your eyes and discern the flavors you are experiencing. What flavors are you tasting? A hint ok oakiness, a light chocolate flavor, maybe some maple or fruitiness. No matter what your favorite blend of coffee is, taking your time and becoming fully involved in the tasting will add to your coffee experience and bring a greater appreciation and enjoyment to the many different varieties of coffee available. mmm so good! Now you are enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.

Thank You:

I truly hope this perfect cup of coffee will evoke the fondest of memories and help bring to life new visions and experiences of great adventures to come. This is truly an experience to share with others. At Wylie J's Coffee we believe there is a story to be told in every cup, Moments and stories to be shared with others. We encourage you to live your life full, live your dreams and write your story. Thank you for sharing Wylie J's Coffee and making us a part of your life's story.

Making the Perfect Cup Outline:

Items Needed: 

Fresh Whole Bean Coffee, Grinder, Coffee Making system(pour over, French press, Automatic) Spring or filtered water, pot for heating water, thermometer, filter.


Place water into pot and heat to temperature(194-205 deg)

Grind Whole beans even and consistent (2 tablespoons)

Check water temperature

Place fresh ground into filtration system

Remove water and begin to pour over fresh grounds

Let water saturate grounds fully

Splash grounds slightly to disrupt and enhance flavor

Pour remaining water over grounds letting seep

seeping time 3 minutes

Inhale the elegant aromas during brewing process

Pour coffee into cup, feeling warm and inviting

Prepare to sip coffee allowing it to roll across tongue discerning flavors

We hope you have enjoyed your perfect cup of coffee.

Please take caution when handling hot water or drinking hot beverages 



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